About Me

I’m a professional interior designer who is an architect by degree, and a compulsive decorator by choice.

I like wearing many hats (both literally and figuratively – you should see my hat collection). A few examples would be: Rebel – Mother – Designer – Architect – Cowboy Hat – Artist – Geek – Blue Jays Baseball Cap – Baker – Canadian – Egyptian – Writer ….. you get the idea

I love anything that will give me an adrenaline rush, Dr Who (two words: David Tennant), trying new things and eating ice cream.

I suck at social media – which is ironic given the nature of my job – but make one awesome pasta béchamel.

And because my interests are all over the place, there is a distinct possibility that this blog will seem like a street fair. Expect me to talk about anything and everything. Well not everything…Design? Definitely – Food? Of course – My kids who drive me crazy? Why should I go crazy by myself? – The Kardashians? If I ever talk about them, I give you full authority to lock me up.

So stick along for the ride and enjoy the show.


PS Don’t forget your hats.

PPS And don’t forget to check out my etsy store (please)